At Wolf Acupuncture, Liz has created a relaxing safe haven, where patients can share their fears, grief, joy, and inspiration. People are treated as individuals and each treatment plan respects their unique constitution. Beyond treatment, Liz encourages her patients to take charge of their own health and happiness.

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In the early 2000’s Liz found herself and loved ones without this safe haven while multiple people in her life were battling cancer. She saw firsthand the effects of chemotherapy. While searching for alternative treatments, she was introduced to Chinese medicine. In 2008, inspired to provide new perspectives on health, Liz left her job as a designer, embraced her love for the human body and began studying natural medicine.

Graduating with honors from NCNM, Liz received a Masters degree in Chinese medicine. In addition to Acupuncture and herbs, she focused on nutrition, cranial-sacral therapy, and visceral manipulation.

As a former competitive gymnast and dancer Liz is instilled with an appreciation for the human body and movement. Combining this appreciation with her passion for addressing emotional and spiritual needs, she uses a delicate system of pulse/tongue diagnosis, palpation, medical history, and symptom diagnosis to create an inclusive treatment plan.